Javier González


Course in Bayesian Optimization

Course in Bayesian Optimization delivered on October 27-30 at the University of Pereira Colombia (invited by Mauricio Alvarez). The material of the course is a mix of the slides and labs written by Neil Lawrence and the the Machine Learning group (first day) plus my point of view on different topics in Bayesian Optimization (days 2 and 3).

--- Lectures ---

Lecture 1: Uncertainty and Gaussian Processes

Lecture 2: Bayesian Optimization

Lecture 3: Advanced topics in Bayesian Optimization

--- Labs ----

Lab 1: Introduction to GPy [Jupyter Notebook].

Lab 2: Introduction to GPyOpt [Jupyter Notebook].

Lab 3: Advanced GPyOpt [Jupyter Notebook].

Gaussian processes summer school

My talks in the Gaussian Process Summer School that we organized in Sheffield.