Javier González

I am a Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon Research Cambridge and a Visitor Researcher of the department of Mathematics and Statistics of Lancaster University. I am interested on studing how uncertainty can be characterized, quantified and used to build robust and interpretable decision systems.


Amazon Research Cambridge
Poseidon House, Castle Park, Cambridge CB3 0RD
- Phone: +44 (0)1223 376700
- Mail(s): gojav [a] amazon.com

Upcoming summer schools in which I will be involved

  • Gaussian Process Summer School, Sheffield, UK, 3-6 September 2018. Co-organizing with with Mauricio Alvarez Neil Lawrence, Rich Wilkinson, Jeremy Oakley and MLSitran.
  • Machine Learning Summer School, Buenos Aires, UK, 19 Jun 2018. Talk on Gaussian processes for Uncertainty Quantification.
  • Special Issue in Bayesian optimization in the Journal of Machine Learning Research

    See details here here.


    GPyOpt, Python package for Bayesian Optimization.
    GPy, Python package for Gaussian processes.